Fort Jefferson Lighthouse notecard

Port Boca Grande Lighthouse

Boca Grande, Florida - Built in 1890

The Port Boca Grande Lighthouse was lit in 1890 on the southern most tip of Gasparilla Island. The light was used as a guidepost to mark Boca Grande Pass, the entrance to Charlotte Harbor.
In 1912 the phosphate facility at Port Boca Grande was operational, and ships from around the world came to the island to load phosphate. In 1956 the light was automated. In 1966 the light was deactivated and by 1968 the lighthouse was abandoned by the Coast Guard and fell into
disrepair. The lighthouse was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1980 and was then restored.

Today the lighthouse is the center piece to Gasparillo Island State Park and is an active aid to navigation. The lighthouse is now a maritime museum and is opened to the public.

© 2015 Colored Pencil Drawing by Gail Borgman McGuire